We offer concession supplies and set up consultation for fairs, events, sports arena, schools and more. Visit our wholesale catalogue to purchase products like cotton candy flossugar and bags, lemonade cups, caramel apple supplies and popcorn supplies. Please contact us if you have questions.

Corporate Gifts
Want to send a local, hand made gift to your customers? We've got you covered. At Grand Rapids Popcorn, we make selecting and sending corporate gifts simple and easy. Learn more here.

Machine Rentals
Want a popcorn or Sno-Cone machine at your next party but don’t want to make a huge investment? Rent one from us! We have concession machines available for rent including; Sno-Cone machines, and popcorn machines. Contact us for more information.

Fundraiser Supplies
We can help you make your local fundraiser a success. Let us know when you’d like to start and how long you’d like to sell, and we’ll get you set up! Please visit our shop at 4675 W River Dr NE Comstock Park or learn more here.

Wedding and Event Supplies
Want to set up a popcorn bar or give popcorn as a favor? With over 40 flavors available by the case and in bulk sizes, machines for rent and customizable packaging, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Weddings & Events page for more information.

Popcorn Gifts and Bags
We have over 40 flavors of popcorn offered by the bag and around 25 different gifts. Browse our flavors and check out our gift crates, baskets and bags online.