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DIY Christmas Decorations

Let's turn our favorite snack into Christmas Decor!!

All you need for this poppin' project is: either unpopped white popcorn kernels and oil or White Salted popcorn from GRPC, a needle, and some thread!

To start you'll want to pop your popcorn! You can do this with an air popper, whirley popper, machine, or in a pot on the stove! We recommend using a white kernel and white coconut oil to get the crisp, white color, but it's all up to your preference. 

Once you have your popped popcorn in a bowl, thread your needle! We used a thicker, embroidery thread to make sure it holds up. Tie a knot on the end and you're ready to go! 


Just slide each popcorn piece through the needle and down to the end of the thread until it's as long as you want, or you run out of popcorn! Tie off the end when you're down and wrap it around your tree, hang it on the mantle, or anywhere else you can think of. Once it's out, post a picture and tag us!! We'd love to see what you come up with.


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