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11 Things Only People Who Love Popcorn Will Understand

1. You Keep Floss Handy all the Timei-hate-it-when-popcorn-gets-stuck-in-my-teeth

Hey, those hulls are skinny and get stuck in your teeth easily.

2. You Search for the Old Maids at the Bottom of the Bowl

  photo-by-anitapeppers-at-morguefile-com-1 They are tasty AND crunchy!

3. Sometimes you don't eat popcorn because you're afraid if you start, you won’t be able to stop

eat-all-the-popcorn Sometimes you just gotta use your hand like a shovel and push the popcorn into your mouth as fast as you can.

4. You go to the Movie Theater Just to Eat the Popcorn

photo-by-okidosan33-at-morguefile-com There are few things in this world better than the smell of popcorn at the movie theater.

5. You know Butter and Salt are Just Starting Points

what-do-you-mean-they-only-put-butter-and-salt-on-their-popcorn Parmesan, Olive Oil, and Italian Seasoning; Cajun Butter; Nacho Cheese; Ranch; Buffalo and Blue Cheese...Oh no, I've created a monster!

6. You Have Multiple Popcorn Poppers in your Kitchen

what-do-you-mean-the-only-place-you-make-popcorn-is-in-the-microwave People don't understand the small and sophisticated nuances that different poppers create. You need an air popper, a Whirley Popper, a Retro Popper, Stove Top Popper, etc.

7. You Eat all the Yellow Pieces First

you-dont-understand-mom Those have more butter on them, duh!

8. You Get Excited when You go to the Hardware Store or Brewery

They have free popcorn!

9. You Know there are Multiple Varieties of Popcorn and You have a Few Different Kinds in Your Pantry

theres-more-than-just-yellow-popcorn Yellow, Midnight Blue, Orchard Blossom, Wisconsin White Birch, Black Hills, Sunset Fire, Savanna Gold, Baby White Rice, Red River Valley. And yes, they all taste different.

10. You Sometimes Eat a Whole Bag of Popcorn By Yourself and Then Hide the Evidence

i-dont-know-howall-thosepopcorn-bags-got-in-the-garbage What?

11. It's a Personal Feat When Most of the Kernels Pop

microwave-popcorn I take it personally when there are too many un-popped kernels.

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