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7 Gifts for Dads & Grads

7 Great (1) This time of year marks a special place for high school seniors. They are ending one chapter of their lives and moving on the next exciting thing. Dads also get some special recognition on Father’s Day. To help you celebrate with both, we’ve got some great gift ideas for all of the Dads and Grads in your life.



  1. Classic Crowd Pleaser

  150430PRPop-040 This basket is the perfect addition to any graduation party. With a huge mix of something for everyone, this basket is filled with Butter Popcorn, Midwest Mix, Caramel Corn, Monster Munch, Drizzle Popcorn, Devon’s Salt Water Taffy, Cinnamon Nuts, and Trail Mix. Do yourself a favor and cut the stress out of planning your party by adding this to your snack list.    
  1. VIP Crowd Pleaser

    Grand Rapids Popcorn
The VIP Crowd Pleaser has twice the snacks as the Crowd Pleaser, so it’s perfect for a large party! Butter Popcorn, Midwest Mix, Caramel Corn, Monster Munch, Drizzle Popcorn, Devon’s Salt Water Taffy, Cinnamon Nuts, Trail Mix, Cheesy Caramel Corn, Butter Toffee Caramel Corn, Cheddar Gold, White Cheddar, and Cashew Patties.    
  1. Chocolate Trio Gift Bag

Grand Rapids Popcorn Say thank you to that special teacher or professor who helped you or your grad take the extra step. Teachers are special people who put a lot of time and effort into helping our children succeed. Whether it’s a simple letter of recommendation, tutoring with specific subjects, or mentoring, let them know you appreciate all they’ve done! This Chocolate Trio Gift Bag is the perfect way to say thank you to that special teacher. It’s filled with decadent Drizzle Popcorn, a Cashew Patty, and S’mores Popcorn.    


  1. Spice Lover's Box

Spice_Lovers_Gift_Box With a mix of Wasabi Popcorn, Cheddar Hot Popcorn, White Cheddar Jalapeno Popcorn, and Guadalajara Hot Popcorn, this mix is perfect for the adventurous dad. Let your dad know that you love, appreciate, and “get” him with this fun and spicy mix.    
  1. Camping Kit

Campfire-Popping-Kit-Gift-Tote_f04d142d-2cf8-450e-8447-08303c5b83ec If your dad loves to camp, this is the perfect gift for him! This is a complete gift basket. It comes with an open fire popper, 5 “ready to pop” popcorn packets, 6 disposable popcorn cartons, 3 seasonings, 1 recipe card, and a bag of S’mores popcorn. All your dad needs is the fire!    
  1. The Man Crate

The-Fathers-Day-Man-Crate-Gift-Box_grande Nothing says “dad” more than The Man Crate. This gift comes with a bag of Bacon and Cheddar Popcorn, Parmesan and Garlic Popcorn, 1 2oz bag of Three Jerk’s Filet Mignon Beef Jerky (as seen on Shark Tank!), and a Grand Rapids Popcorn koozie. Your dad can kick back and relax with this clever gift box. The beer’s not included, so be sure to pick some up!    

Dads and Grads!

  1. GRPC Signature Sampler

150430PRPop-063 The GRPC Signature Sampler has something for everyone. This gift would be great for both Dads and Grads. They may be even be convinced to share. This Sampler comes in a reusable galvanized tin with Butter Popcorn, Monster Much, Caramel Corn, Drizzle Popcorn, and Cinnamon Nuts.    


These two towers make the perfect last minute gift or snacks to pass! Plus, they’re cute and super fun. 


Caramel Decadence

Grand Rapids Popcorn This fun tower is for caramel lovers, filled with classic Caramel Corn, Cheesy Caramel, Butter Toffee, and Drizzle Popcorn.  


The Fab Four

Grand Rapids Popcorn This fun tower is filled with Butter, Cheddar Gold, Caramel Corn, and Monster Munch. It’s got something for everyone!

Whatever you choose, we're here to make your celebration even more special!


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