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Summer Fairs

Summer is here (rain or shine!) and that means Michigan’s fair season is in full swing. With roots in agricultural exhibition, competition and commerce, the first fair in North America dates back to 1765 in Windsor, Nova Scotia, and is still in operation.

Today, there are over 3,000 fairs nationwide and nearly 100 in Michigan alone. Each one is a celebration of its community and a place for folks to come together, learn and of!  Where else can you see the world’s largest pig, ride a ferris wheel and eat corn dogs and funnel cake all in the same place?  Pretty great right?  We think so.  

Here are some of our favorite upcoming fairs in the area.  Go check one out! 

West Michigan 

  • Ionia Free Fair: July 16 - 25
  • Barry County Fair: July 20 - 25
  • Van Buren Youth Fair: July 20 - 25 
Central Michigan
  • Eaton County 4-H Fair: July 13 - 18

Up North

  • Kalkaska County Fair: July 20 - 25
  • Arenac County Fair: July 21 - 25

For a full list, check out the Michigan Association of Fairs & Exhibitions brochure or follow us on for updates.


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