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Creative Foods to Top with Popcorn

Eating popcorn is fun on its own, but when you get creative, you may add popcorn to many of your favorite meals. Spice up your next dish or snack with the crunchy food everyone loves and try out one of the ideas for topping food with popcorn.


asparagus topped with popcorn

Asparagus may be topped with nuts, bread crumbs, and plenty of sauces, but one way to still bring some crunch without spending much at all is to use popcorn instead. Place your popped popcorn in a plastic bag and crush until the pieces are the size of crumbs.

There are plenty of recipes out there for asparagus topped with different sauces and spices. Whether it’s hollandaise sauce or toppings like parsley, cheese, salt, and pepper, adding popcorn to your garnish will give it a little extra crunch.

Soup or Salad

salad topped with popcorn

soup topped with popcorn

Rather than croutons which are filled with refined carbohydrates, substituting this crunchy salad and soup topper with popcorn can be a much healthier option. Grand Rapids Popcorn has several savory flavors that can be the perfect addition to your next lunch.


oatmeal topped with popcorn

Oatmeal, whether plain or sweetened with cinnamon or sugar, is commonly topped with either fruit, nuts, or granola to mix up the texture. Another option could be to add popcorn to your oatmeal breakfast in addition to the regular fruit and nut mix.

Holiday Candy Bark

chocolate bark with popcorn

Milk, dark, or white chocolate are all classic flavors for holiday candy bark. Of course, the fun part about bark is not only snapping it into bite size pieces but what goes on top. There’s always some sort of extra crunchy additions on the top of the chocolate. Peanuts, pretzels, and M&M’s and sprinkles are all standard for chocolate bark, but popcorn can be a fun new way to update your next batch.

Creamsicles or Ice Cream

ice cream and popcorn

creamsicles topped with popcorn

This one may sound a little strange, but it’s actually more common than you’d think! Even adding popcorn to your homemade creamsicles or a serving of ice cream as a garnish can be a new take on your favorite dessert. Don’t knock it until you try it! Consider some of Grand Rapids Popcorn’s sweet flavors for your next cold treat:


brownies topped with popcorn

Ooey and gooey are two words to describe warm, freshly baked brownies. If your family is a fan of brownies with nuts, they may also like brownies with popcorn! Topping a pan of brownies with a thick coating of caramel popcorn will be sure to create a scramble for the last one left.

When baking popcorn covered brownies, have your pan of brownies cool first before adding the popcorn to the top. Take your caramel corn and press it down into the brownie top then have the formation harden together. Want extra chocolate or caramel? Drizzle a light layer of syrup over top of the popcorn!

Great caramel corn flavors to add by Grand Rapids Popcorn:


donuts and popcorn

Keeping with the dessert theme, donuts with a glaze make an excellent treat to be topped with light, crunchy popcorn. Just a handful of popcorn pieces garnishing your glazed donut should be enough to add some crunch. As with the brownies, make sure your donuts have cooled from the oven, then add the glaze and place the popcorn pieces on top to harden.


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