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Five Fun Baby Shower Favors

Everyone loves a good baby shower! They can be such a positive and exciting celebration for those expecting, but that doesn’t mean that planning them can't still be stressful. So, take a look at some of these simple but creative ideas for baby shower favors!

1. Mason Jars

These party favors are a crafty classic. You could do pretty much anything and everything to them from decorating the exterior to filling them with M&M’s or cookie mix! You can adapt these ideas to align with your baby shower theme or decorate them based on your baby’s gender. A personalized card may also make this party favor extra special for your guests.

Consider decorating the jars with blue or pink ribbon, or maybe even a mix of both if you’ve been saving the gender reveal for the party! If that is the case, another fun idea may be to entirely cover the outside of the jar with washi tape, tissue paper, or a fun-patterned craft paper. You can then fill the inside with pink or blue M&Ms to disclose your baby’s gender! Your guests will have an exciting and informative surprise when they open their jars. If the baby’s gender is already out, then filling the jars with cookie mix or some other tasty treat surely won’t disappoint either.

Baby Shower Favor Mason Jars

2. Seeds

Symbolize the human that’s literally growing inside of you by giving guests some personalized packets of seeds. Now they can grow their own babies too! Of course, their babies will be of the green and immobile variety, but nonetheless, it’s a creative and somewhat "punny" way to thank your guests for celebrating the excitement of your baby with you!


Baby Shower Favors Seeds

3. Cake Pops

Cake pops are almost everywhere suddenly, and it’s not without good reason. Nothing says celebration quite like cake does! Luckily, cake pops have the same effect, just in a smaller and more convenient variety. There are many creative ways to spice up the classic cake pop or adapt them to correspond with your baby shower! Coating your cake pops in pink or blue is always a great option. If you were wanting to think more outside of the box, then save the cake pops for the big gender reveal! Coat them in white frosting and fill them with a blue or pink cake. The only people who will be disappointed are the ones that missed the memo and devoured their cake pops in one bite! But no worries, they’ll see everyone else’s face in awe and catch on.

Baby Shower Favors Cake Pop Chocolate Diapers

Another fun idea is to give out diapers as a party favor! That’s right, diapers. The fun part here is to get some chocolate cake pops and leave them in the diaper for your guests to find! Now your guests really will be surprised, and hopefully, it will still be the good kind. A pink or blue filling will make this idea even more exciting! Either way, your guests’ taste buds are sure to be pleased with these baby shower favors.

4. Soap

This idea is especially fun if you’re more on the crafty side. Soaps are a great party favor because realistically, who doesn’t use or need soap? If you are able to, then get some fun moldings to make little animal soaps or other fun soap shapes. You can also make these soaps all-natural and use ingredients that you know are safe for baby skin! Everyone can respect free soap, so no matter what creative design or composition you choose, your guests will surely appreciate the generous party favor.

Baby Shower Favors Homemade DIY Animal Soap

5. Popcorn

Another tasty treat to give to your guests is, of course, popcorn! This party favor could even be combined with the first idea by putting the popcorn in mason jars for your guests. If you’d like to keep this themed with your baby’s gender, then Grand Rapids Popcorn carries a pink watermelon-flavored popcorn as well as a pink pastel salted popcorn perfect for baby girls! Alternatively, GR Popcorn carries a blue pastel salted popcorn along with blueberry and blue raspberry flavors for your standard baby boy colors. If it’s something else that you’re craving, then no worries, we can also help you build your own DIY popcorn bar!

Baby Shower Favors DIY Popcorn Bar Snacks

Hopefully, these party favors help to make the baby shower planning process a little less stressful for those of you that are expecting. Give Grand Rapids Popcorn a call today and together we can get you the perfect popcorn party favors or set you up with a delicious popcorn bar!


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