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4 Reasons to Make Popcorn a Part of Your Memorial Day Weekend

Summer holidays in the Midwest are about spending time with family and friends and eating lot’s of food, both indoors and out! Whether you are barbecuing in the backyard or at the cottage on the water, having snacks available is always a must for large or small gatherings. Why not add something light to complement the hearty stuff? From a variety of savory to sweet flavors (or both like our Midwest Mix), popcorn can satisfy almost everyone’s craving! Here’s four reasons to make popcorn a part of your Memorial Day get togethers this weekend.

1. It’s Portable

Popcorn is easy to bring with you wherever you go! An easy fit in any container, there’s a simple way to pack any size amount for your on-the-go activities. Bring a large amount in one bag or bucket to share with the whole group, or everyone can carry their own snack pack in a plastic zip bag or cup. At Grand Rapids Popcorn Company we prefer to share popcorn the FUN way with an “At Home Popcorn Bar”. Just fill up your favorite flavors of our fresh crunchy treat inside of buckets, baskets, or any large container you see fit! It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but check out our past blog on ways to set up your popcorn bar from Pinterest.

 memorial day popcorn bar

2. Easy Cleanup

Whether you are on the boat, in the car, or hanging out in the backyard, it’s easy to pass around your popcorn snack (although sometimes it’s hard to share). The other great thing about offering popcorn is that there’s no way to make that much of a mess! You don’t have to worry about giving kids their own portions to hold onto because if a spill occurs there won’t be any stain to scrub out!

3. Won’t Fill You Up

Another perk to choosing popcorn for your guests is that it won’t fill them up. Popcorn is fun, but it isn’t very filling. Starting at only 35 calories per cup, our butter popcorn contains 0 grams of sugar for a guilt-free snack.

4. Fun Flavors 

Saving the best reason for last, popcorn is a great addition to your Memorial Day weekend get togethers because there’s a flavor everyone can enjoy! FrAmericana popcornom savory to sweet, Grand Rapids Popcorn offers over 40 delicious flavors at all times of the year with rotating seasonal combinations as well. Mix and match flavors to bring some variety to your weekend spread. To celebrate this American holiday, we are now featuring our very own Red (Cherry), White (Vanilla), and Blue (Blueberry) mix, Americana. Add some festivity with this U.S.A. batch or compliment your meal with a handful of our other fun filled options.

No matter what you are doing to celebrate the long Memorial Day weekend, make sure to add some fun with our popcorn as well. Enjoy the long weekend with the ones you love and share a crunchy snack. If you’re in the West Michigan area, come stop in at our Comstock Park location before Monday to pick up your weekend stock of Grand Rapids Popcorn, or easily order online to save time! Happy choosing!


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