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Party Popcorn Favors We Love

Birthday season is in full swing and we love that folks are adding a little pop to their parties with GR Popcorn. Here’s a look at one lucky little guy’s DIY popcorn party favors that we just love. Enjoy!

For her son Colton’s first birthday party, Jaime filled the room with blue and green balloons, colorful bunting flag garland and even giant balloon letters that spelled C-O-L-T-O-N. Their guests were treated to cupcakes galore, birthday cake, a live band and of course, popcorn.

Colton's Birthday Balloons Popcorn Bar

To create the adorable popcorn favors, Jaime ordered two bulk bags of some of our favorite flavors – Birthday Cake and Butter Toffee Caramel Corn. Once her popcorn arrived, she re-packaged it in custom DIY popcorn favor bags. Jaime used 3" x 10" clear cello bags and 3/8” satin ribbons in green apple and light blue that she picked up at her local craft store. She sealed each bag with a heat sealer to keep the popcorn fresh before tying the ribbons into perfect bows. On the front of each bag, she added 1" x 1" thank you stickers from Because our popcorn stays fresh so long and Jaime took care to seal her re-packaged bags, she was able to purchase her popcorn and make her bags nearly a month in advance. Talk about well planned!

Colton's Birthday Party Popcorn Favors    

On the birthday boy’s big day, Jaime arranged the favors in cute wire crates that she had at home for guests to take as they arrived. Jaime shared, “Everyone loved it and said it was the best popcorn they’d ever had!” We couldn’t be happier for Jaime, her guests, and of course, the birthday boy himself. Happy Birthday Colton!  

Birthday Party Popcorn Favors DisplayPopcorn Favors Popcorn Favors Display Close Up 


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