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Grand Rapids Popcorn Employee Feature: Ed Yeo

At Grand Rapids Popcorn we love our customers, that’s no surprise! But we also love the team that works long hours to make our quality concessions and in-store products. GR Popcorn has been around since 1944 (although we operated a little differently back then) and today we distribute handmade popcorn, gifts, and supplies all across Michigan and states beyond.

We started out as a family owned business and remain that way today, but even though not all of our employees are technically family, it sure feels like we are. Grand Rapids Popcorn has pride in maintaining a tight-knit working community to better serve our customers. To share that pride, we wanted to highlight an employee that’s been with us for a long time.

Ed Yeo Grand Rapids Popcorncheddar gold popcorn

Meet Ed Yeo. He’s been with Grand Rapids Popcorn for 29 years. He loves working for Grand Rapids Popcorn because he finds the concession industry the most enjoyable and fun industry to work in. Oh yes… and his favorite popcorn flavor is GRPC’s delicious Cheddar Gold.

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