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Popcorn Bars

Put a SMILE on their face with POPCORN!

We love the idea of a popcorn bar.  Large or small, crystal or paper vessels, we love popcorn bars. You can purchase already made or DIY.

Make use of apple crates, wire baskets or cake stands.  Set up an antique buffet, wheel barrel or the corner cupboard. Even a gardeners bench will make a wonderful and unexpected popcorn bar at a graduation party, family reunion, class reunion, anniversary celebration or wedding reception. It will delight your guests, friends and family.   Start with the set, next the vessel and then what to serve. Try our Cheddar Hot  Pop, sweet Caramel or simply White Salted Popcorn. Some like to serve both savory and sweet and let the guests decide what to indulge in. You can provide seasonings or add-ins like coconut flakes, raisins, crushed toffee or mini chocolate chips.  Many hosts like to have a signature mix or highlight their favorite flavor. We have the supplies you need to start a great POPCORN BAR.  We have put together a few ideas on our Pinterest page. 
If you have ever had a popcorn bar or enjoyed one, we would love you to share your photos with us at #grpopcorn.  Get poppin and put a smile on their face.

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