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Last Minute Gifts

It's not to late for those last (but not least) minute gifts. Whether it is the mailman, bus driver, hair dresser, yoga instructor, book club, secret santa ....  we have some ideas. You can personalize them with your own little touch of homemade gift tags or maybe some cute cookie cutters tied in the ribbon instead of a big bow.  We went to a local  store to get a couple different  bags and tags for our gifts and then added our favorite popcorn.  These little gifts will put a smile on the face of the janitor,librarian, dry cleaners or even your favorite aunt. 


If you are short on time like many of us are, we have  many choices for you in our shop. Come in, relax and let us help or shop from home . We can ship it for you or you can order ahead of time and we can have it ready for you when you get to our store. Here are just a couple of our many gifts to select from.

 Coffee Break 


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GRPC Holiday Classic Gift Box

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Caramel Decadence


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