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Summer Fling

Are summers getting shorter? Sometimes it feels that way. There's still plenty
of time to enjoy the sites, sounds, smells and tastes of summer. Fairs,
festivals, "music in the park", outdoor movies, camping, biking (Did you know
that KDL not only lends books but also bikes? ),
boating and stargazing (
are a few of our favorite things to do. We have the perfect packable treats to
bring along. Our summer flavor is Banana Split. It is National Ice Cream month. 
Take a photo of your favorite flavor from Grand Rapids Popcorn Company
while out enjoying your summer and tag us on Instagram @grpopcorn
or Facebook @ Grand Rapids Popcorn Co.

Many of us are planning special events to celebrate or we know someone who is.  GRPC can help make these events fun and festive while keeping it simple.  There are many different party blueprints, decorating and styling sites that we have highlighted on Instagram @grpopcorn and on our Pinterest page ( We are here to help. Give us a call (616-785-9080) to set up an appointment for a tasting to decide on your party favor flavor.  We also have rental equipment to help add a little more "POP" to any occasion.


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