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No-Trick DIY Costume Ideas!

It’s that time of year again; the time where you’ve run out of ideas for the perfect costume and the Halloween festivities begin in less than a week! Eek!

But have no fear-- We’ve got you covered. Here are five DIY adult costumes that you can whip up quick, just in time to hand out candy or host your Halloween party.


Got toilet paper? Sure you do! Wrap your whole body up in it and there you go! This one is truly a classic when it comes to Halloween.


Try out this slightly different take on your favorite fall outfit! Throw on a flannel with some jeans, boots and a floppy hat. Take a black makeup crayon (available at most Halloween or party stores) and give yourself some stitches on your face, grab some frayed basket filler and stuff it in your pockets, boots and sleeves and you’re a scarecrow!

Costume Tip: To create the scarecrow straw effect, we used burlap ribbon and cut the edges so that they created a fringe. You can create the same look by using actual straw, too!


Smarty Pants
There’s no excuse for not dressing up this Halloween- this one is SO easy! Tape Smarty candies all over a pair of pants and no one will ever question your intelligence ;)


Gumball Machine
Find an old tank or t-shirt and glue multicolored craft pom-poms all over to make it look like the top of a gumball machine. Pair this top with some red pants or a red skirt and a belt!

Popcorn Box
And our personal favorite- A popcorn box! What you’ll need is a white crop top (A few here and here!), red + white striped dress or red dress, white computer paper, yellow paint or spray paint, and a hot glue gun. While this costume has a bit more instruction, we promise it’s easy (and affordable)!

First, tear a stack of computer paper in half, width-wise. To make each little popcorn, crumple one half piece of paper.

Next, in a well ventilated area, lay out all your popcorn pieces and spray paint them with yellow paint. Since popcorn is never even or all the same color, it’s okay if some pieces have more ‘butter’ than others.

Then, starting around the neck of the shirt, hot glue the popcorn pieces on, right next to each other so they overlap a bit. Continue all the way around the shirt until it’s completely covered. Wear it over top the red + white striped dress and voila!


For more costume ideas or festive treat recipes, browse through our Pinterest page!


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